Attorneys And Doctors Need To Work Together

When you’re co-managing with other doctors, it’s so important to make sure everyone’s on the same page.

Because a lot of times what I find is if I send a patient out with a doc that I’m not as familiar with, when we come back, they have a diagnosis that is, in essence, the same exact thing that I have diagnosed them with, but the wording is a little bit different and we don’t want it to be too completely off to where it’s going to confuse anyone.

So at that point I can then call the doctor and say, Hey, I just wanted to find out. Why you found this? What’s going on? Cause also sometimes what happens is especially if we send a patient out for referral we send them to the ortho and they’ve already been treated for let’s say two weeks they’ve been treated in my office. Their primary complaint has improved. So when they go to the ortho, they talk more about their secondary or tertiary complaint, which is a hundred percent fine. But now that diagnosis is reflective of the secondary and tertiary not of the primary.

So we just need to work together to know that, Hey, this is where they’re at this point, with your legal representative.