Cases With Sprains

Now let’s talk about this too because we talk about personal injury clients and their injuries.

We have two separate categories. So we have your hard tissue cases which is going to be where we have fractures, broken bones. They might need surgery. It’s clearly apparent as to what the injury was because it’s something that’s going to require hospital stays and potentially surgeries.

On the other hand, we also have some soft tissue cases to where it’s not readily apparent. They might have some pain, but it’s not something that they’re going to see as a fracture or something like that. So let’s say you get a soft tissue client that comes in and the first thing is the doctor has diagnosed them with a sprain. What’s the first thing that goes through your mind?

Okay, I have a sprain case now. I gotta get to work hard.

A sprain in the common parlance is something you get when you twist your ankle cause you missed a step or you tripped over one of your kids’ toys and you sprain your ankle. A sprain is something we see if you’re a football fan, you see somebody has a sprained knee and they miss maybe one game versus you see catastrophic injuries in a sport like that. When I see that word in a chart right away I’m already thinking about how I can talk to my client and their doctor and see what we can do to make sure that they’re getting proper treatment. Not only because I don’t like the word and I think it undersells the true injury.

Also, because some doctors who may not know what they’re doing in the personal injury world, or maybe new to the personal injury world may stop short of the full range of treatment that this person needs to get better because they believe that it’s just a sprain and it’s going to resolve over a short amount of time.

And that’s the whole issue is if it really is a sprain. Then there’s no need for treatment, which means two things.

A, the doctors shouldn’t be billing for it and shouldn’t be treating them, but also, B, you’re probably not going to take that case because it means there really isn’t an injury. If there is an injury and it’s being diagnosed as a sprain, then we know that there’s already a problem starting from the beginning with the diagnosis. That’s definitely like the kiss of death almost from the beginning to start with that.