Chiropractic Changed How I Live My Life

Read this patient’s amazing testimonial about how chiropractic care changed his life!

Experiencing Severe Pain

I first came to Main Street Chiropractic about two years ago because I was having some pretty serious middle back and neck problems.

It was to the point where I was barely able to stand up for longer than 10 minutes without any sort of relief at all. I would just have the urge to sit down or stretch or crack my back.

It was really just affecting everything from sleep to work to exercise, and everything in between.

Finding A Solution in Chiropractic

The pain was so bad that it was really affecting my quality of life, and I knew I needed to seek out some help.

I hopped on Yelp, clicked on Main Street Chiropractic, and set up my initial consultation. I wasn’t completely sure what to expect.

Dr. DeCubellis x-rayed me, and we went over the X rays together. He explained exactly what was going on with my neck and why I was having the problems I was having.

He put me on a 12 week intensive treatment program. I came here for three, sometimes 4 times a week for good 4 or 5 months. It’s made all the difference in the world, and I’ve finished my initial treatments.

Life After Treatment

Now, I’m just a part of the wellness club here at Main Street Chiropractic. I’m coming in a couple of times a month just to get adjusted and make sure everything is up to par.

I’ve been feeling a lot better and I sleep easier. I’m back to working out regularly. I can stand at work without having any problems or feeling any need to crack my back or get massages.