Communication Is Vital

All around when we pull this together, it all comes really down to communication. Communication as to what’s going on because it would probably be very important for you to know that the patient hasn’t been showing up for the treatment for three weeks. You would probably like to know that. And then, the doctor would also probably like to know if you decided to drop the case. That would be probably pretty important too.

So it’s all about communication because also if something comes along to where either we’re not getting improvement and we need to refer them to a specialist or some other testing. It’s very important for you because the whole time you’re working with the insurance company to try to get either a dollar amount covered, but you need to know where you’re going.

You need to know if this is something that’s going to be a long-term effect of the client or if it’s something that they’re going to a hundred percent resolve from, which we know after an injury you never a hundred percent, but still you need to know where it’s going.

That way you know how to be negotiating cause you’re working for the client. You are their advocate so you need to know how to advocate for them based on what the doctor’s doing, what the treatment is and what the prognosis is. But also just updates. Updates are helpful.

Updates are huge. And it also is helpful for me because we run into situations where unfortunately there are caps on the insurance limits, there’s policy limits.

So when you go buy your auto insurance, you may have a certain amount of liability limit.

The usual is about a hundred thousand dollars, but the state minimum is only $25,000 and that’s really common. And so I have cases where clients have catastrophic injuries that I have wrongful death cases where there’s only $25,000 in insurance and that’s not nearly enough to compensate a catastrophic, injured paraplegic or a family who’s lost a loved one. But we’re trapped because that’s the limit of the insurance and there’s no more money beyond that.

There we could go to court and we could get front-page headline, a hundred million dollar verdict. And at the end of the day, the judge is just going to reduce it down to whatever the limit of the insurances or that’s all we’re ever going to be paid.

So communication’s really important because it helps me, it helps you, but it also helps your patient slash client because they’re not going to be in a situation where they’re holding the bag for a bunch of bills because there’s not enough insurance coverage.

And to touch on something you said earlier, I think communication is really important because oftentimes with a lawyer like me, I am not just a settlement firm.