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Digital Motion X-ray in Downers Grove IL (DMX for short) is a motion picture of the bones while a person is moving. It is a dynamic diagnostic tool, versus a static one, and can be used for all joints of the body. The scan is produced in real-time, while the person is moving. Other terms for Digital Motion X-ray used in the medical literature or cineradiography or videofluoroscopy.

DMX in Downers Grove IL

DMX can show spinal and peripheral joint instability from ligament damage. Pain typically occurs with motion. By being able to see the bones in motion, DMX picks up the abnormal or excessive motion whereas MRI, CT scan, and static x-rays do not. DMX is the gold standard for diagnosing and evaluating Injuries to Ligaments, caused by injury or repetitive stress.

  • DMX is ideal for anyone who has suffered whiplash, concussion, or another neck injury, especially from car accidents, falls, or otherwise
  • DMX is extremely helpful in diagnosing biomechanical or movement issues in chronic problems
  • DMX provides a unique look at the structures causing your pain and other joint instability symptoms.
  • DMX can be especially helpful when MRI and static X-ray showed "nothing" but you still have chronic symptoms!

We utilized Motion X-ray in our office to help with both acute injury and chronic issues to formulate proper treatment plans for better and lasting results. Check out the videos below for more information!

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