It Matters To Have Better Doctors

When we look at this from another perspective of an attorney working with doctors and how that helps out the clients as well.

First thing is that I always like to say, you, the attorney, you get a case, right?

You get a case that comes in and it went to the hospital. There was nothing. They didn’t find any hard tissue type issues, no emergency condition. They’re in pain. They went to another doctor. It comes across your desk and the diagnosis is neck pain with a sprain.

That doesn’t tell you a lot, right there. That’s a pretty bad diagnosis.

Or if you get a patient that comes in and we rule out all of the major things, they went to the hospital, there’s no fractures, no concussions, no nerve damage that’s done. But upon examination there’s found to where not only do we have a pain in the cervical region, but through imaging and diagnosis, we find that not only was there a grade one spondylosis at C two, but there’s also anterior slippage on flexion, which relates to ligament instability and their work on their computer all day.

That gave you a lot more ammunition to work with.

Absolutely, and that’s why it’s all good for attorneys like me to deal with Chiropractors like Doctor DeCubellis because we can expect that workup is going to be done properly.

And that it’s going to be noted properly in the records because ultimately we’re going to have to rely on either the records themselves, narrative reports and or testimony if we end up filing a suit from your treatment providers.

It’s good to have a treatment provider who can look at the big picture, rule out that the injury or that the problem that you’re suffering from to anything, but the accident.