Red Flags With Doctors

When you talked with a personal injury attorney and you hired that attorney, they’re going to take so much off your plate and they’re going to make it much easier for you. But also when we talk about from a doctor perspective.

When you’re working with doctors or doctors working with a personal injury case, let’s talk about some of the things that you have to deal with, some of the bad stuff that you see.

Let’s start off from the first thing a doctor can do to make you raise a red flag or say, I’m not sure he knows what he’s doing. Let’s say a patient’s already been treating for a couple of days. What’s the first thing that should have happened that you see some doctors not do.

First thing that I see that is an immediate red flag is when any doctor reaches out to the at fault insurance and tries to get that at fault insurance to start to pay bills. That is an immediate red flag, because all that’s going to do is throw a wrench in the ultimate settlement process.

What they should be doing is asking the patient, if they have a lawyer, who that lawyer is, and then contacting me because what I can do is set you up on a lien under the Illinois lien act to protect your bill and try to get almost the full amount, in some cases.

With no insurance reductions or anything like that, get that amount paid out of a settlement. So your patient doesn’t have to worry about the bill and they’re not worried about putting it on a credit card or something like that, which I think is huge because medical debt is the number one cause of bankruptcy in America. So they don’t have to worry about that debt now.

And then number two is you don’t have to worry about how are you going to get paid as a doctor because you’re working with the lawyer.