Research And Evidence Help

It’s probably more helpful when the doctor’s talking about why they did specific treatments if it’s based on actual science.

Instead of just saying, well in my five years of experience this is what I’ve seen and this is why I decided to do this.

I agree anytime that you can back it up. We’re in an evidence-based, proof-based business.

And so anytime I can back it up, there’s a study that shows that I do this and this outcome happens. And so I do this with this patient and that outcome happens.

It’s backed by these research studies or this particular modality is backed by, whatever it might be. All those things are helpful.

I have a high school teacher ringing in my head. It’s a cite your sources, right? Cite your sources.

It’s the same, I think in your profession as it is in mine that if you can cite your sources, you have a stronger position.