Talking Insurance

And that’s the whole point that needs to be understood as the insurance company is not out to help you.

They’re out to save as much money as possible. And just everything you just mentioned, that’s something, the attorney is going to be the expert in and you shouldn’t have to worry about because even a person talking with the insurance company is a recipe for disaster because they’re recording everything you say, and they’re looking for anything to use against you.

So it’s always good to have someone represent you because now that’s not possible anymore.

And I’m glad you brought that up because one thing that. I wish I could speak to every injured person before they make decisions as to treatment, as to talking to insurance companies, as to having an attorney represent them and let them know if nothing else you’ve been injured.

Do not give any kind of recorded statement to anyone, even your own insurance company to begin with.

At some point, you need to cooperate with your own insurance company, but you should be represented at the point in time that you might be, recording a statement.

But certainly do not give a recorded statement to the other party’s insurance carrier, any investigators who are representing the opposite party by the same token. Don’t sign anything. You certainly don’t want to sign any releases. You don’t want to sign a waiver, allowing them to get your medical records.