The Digital Motion X-Ray Machine

Doctor DeCubellis here with Main Street Chiropractic. Now I wanted to kind of explain something that’s very important. After you’ve had any kind of an accident injury, especially like an automotive accident, you have to make sure that you’re checked out. And when I say checked out, I don’t mean just for fractures and concussions, that we need to make sure that there wasn’t any damage to the soft tissue, too.

That’s where we come in and where we specialize in, and it’s because of things like this machine right here. Now this machine right here is a digital motion x-ray machine. What that means is it allows us to actually check and see if any of the ligaments surrounding the spine had been injured or damaged, especially from that whiplash type motion that happens.

This is the only way to see if those things have been injured or damaged. This allows us to take images as you move in certain directions, so we can actually see where the problem is. This is really important because if we don’t know where the problem is, you can’t get the right kind of treatment, but you’re also not going to get the right kind of results.

So this is very, very helpful in not only diagnosing, but in treating and getting the outcome measures. And if you’ve been in an accident injury, this is definitely going to help with your case because now we’re able to prove exactly what, why, and how we’re doing everything and everything along the way.

So if you have any questions, you can reach out to me, (630) 435-6461.  Get in contact with you. You can get in contact with me, ask me any questions, or if you need to set up an initial exam so we can use something like this to find out exactly what’s going on, no problem.