The Importance Of The Initial Exam

And this is one area where I’ve noticed that a lot of docs are either patients come in and they’ve seen previous or docs that I work with.

They need to understand that initial exam is so key because we have to go over a couple of different things.

We’ve got to talk about the mechanism of injury.

How did the accident caused this or did the accident cause this? We’ve got to look through all those different factors. Were they wearing a seatbelt? What were the conditions of the road? Where was their head turned? Were they looking straight ahead, arms on the steering wheel? Did the airbags deploy? How far did the car move? What was the weight of the car that they ran versus the weight of the car that was impacted them?

All these different things are so important when it comes to physics, but also when it comes to their injury.

But another key part is when it comes to preexisting, a lot of doctors are afraid to talk about preexisting, which doesn’t make any sense.