The Insurance Company Is Not Your Friend

 I think that’s important too because what people have to understand is when they’re in an accident, the insurance company of the at fault driver is not working for them and is not looking for their best interest in any way, shape or form.

They’re all about trying to either protect their client or even higher up just save themselves some money.

So it’s very important to speak with an attorney very quickly before you start talking about any kind of paperwork or making statements because the attorneys working for you, they have your best interest. They’re not going to get any money unless they recover money from you.

The insurance company is going to try to do everything in their power to minimize their damages.

Absolutely! Anybody that has to spend over a billion dollars a year in advertising to convince you that they’re your friend or they’re on your side is definitely not your friend and they’re definitely not on your side. I think the most important phone calls you should make after a car crash are 911, a call to your personal doctor, and then a call to a personal injury attorney. The last person you ever need to speak to is an insurance adjuster because they’re just trying to collect evidence, like you said, to build a case against you and your lawyer is going to build a case for you.

And if you think just for a second, about how many hundreds and hundreds of lawyers, the insurance company employs, don’t you think you should probably have one?