Trials Take Time

We don’t just take cases and settle them real quick and turn them over and churn and burn. We’re a firm that wants to maximize the compensation for the client.

And a lot of times that means putting cases into court, in a lawsuit and actually litigating the cases and taking them to trial. But for the courts being closed in 2020, I was supposed to have seven jury trials. I unfortunately didn’t get to have any of them, but that’s normal.

For my type of practice there are a lot of lawyers that will look to settle your case quickly and get your doctors paid quickly. And sometimes that’s what should be done because sometimes it’s clear cut, but other times you need a lawyer who can work with your doctors, can have those open lines of communication. So everyone understands, Hey, look, this is a tough one. Either because the patients aren’t getting better or whatever it is that it’s. We’re getting close to a point where we have to file a lawsuit in order to get proper, fair and just compensation.

And so without that communication, you’re going to have a doctor or a patient sitting there with no idea what’s going on. They’re frustrated, they’re angry. They don’t know why they’re still getting treatment and they may just stop. They end up hurting their case or hurting themselves because they’re not finishing their treatment. They’re not following what their doctor says, and they’re not part of the communication process.

I think everybody needs to be brought into that process, the patient, the doctor, myself and anybody else that’s relevant. If there’s other doctors beyond you, you’re the quarterback here, and you may pass the ball to somebody else, but you’re still the quarterback. A

nd so your communication with that other doctor is important, but it’s also important that I know so I can communicate with that other doctor and we can all be on the same page so we can get the best interest of the client slash patient put first.

Yeah,  that makes a hundred percent and the basis of everything that I like to do. 

The one thing that happens is when you start involving multiple doctors, the worst thing we don’t want is we don’t want to have multiple different diagnoses pointing to different areas that just gonna confuse people. But what I found in a lot of times, it’s not that we have a different diagnosis, it’s one of two things happen.

Either by the time they get referred, their initial complaint has started to feel better and they start talking more about their secondary, tertiary complaint.

So that’s what they focus on when they go to the other doctor which is totally fine.

Now we just need to make sure we either I do another examination or that doctor or whatever it might be to get on the same page as to how the treatment’s going to go. Or what happens a lot of times too is, let’s say if we have an issue in the cervical spine my diagnosis says that his diagnosis says it too, but we use different wording or we put the words in a different order.

It’s the same thing, but we just want to clean that up so it’s not confusing because we always need to look at this as if it’s going to go to trial.