Types of Stress

Stress is Real

It’s something that’s not always physical that you can see, but it is real. It’s a specific response by the body to a stimulus that disturbs or interferes with normal equilibrium.

So the key is that anyone who is under stress has to be able to adapt to that stressor and adapt to it the right way.

Let’s talk about the different sources of stress so we understand where we’re coming from with this.

The first thing we have is physical stress. You’re getting in an injury, we’re lifting something and we’re not doing it the right way, and we cause an issue. We see someone sitting here for long periods, a slip and fall. Someone is sleeping on the couch. Who hasn’t slept on the couch and slept the wrong way, and you wake up just feeling all achy and tight and bad? You’re sleeping on a plane, car accidents, when you’re working out incorrectly and you cause an injury, doing too much weight too quickly. All these different things can cause physical stress, and they affect our bodies.

We also have chemical stress. We talk about chemical stress, we’re talking about things like smoking. We’re talking about alcohol. We’re talking about toxins in the air, like smog, talking about unhealthy foods, where we get all of our nutrition from, but we’re also talking about medications and antibiotics as well.

The third one is emotional stress, and this is the one that’s very, very prevalent, especially right now. These are different things to where when we talk about as simple as taking a test in school, dealing with different bills and finances when we didn’t get that promotion at work, we’ve got a big deadline coming up, and we’re under stress to get it done in time. When we don’t get the right kind of outcome we’re looking for, when your kid is not eating the food you made, these are all different kinds of mental and emotional stress.

In the last couple of years, this has come more to the forefront because when we start talking about things like social media, especially kids going through school, what I am starting to see is we’re dealing with depression and these different mental and emotional stressors at a younger age than ever before so it’s very, very big. We need to make sure we take care of this as well because these emotional stressors are just as important as the other two.