Hey everyone, Doctor DeCubellis here for Main Street Chiropractic. One thing I wanted to make sure that everyone’s kind of aware of and everyone really keeps on top of the mind. I know that most people are sheltering in place right now. We’re not going out as much. Our whole daily routine has been changed, but one thing we have to make sure that doesn’t change is we have to keep up with our water intake.

Now more than ever, it’s really important to keep up and make sure we’re drinking the amount of water we should be each day. Now, the biggest thing that happens is I know a lot of you, when you go to work, you have your water right there you keep filling up at the water cooler, makes it nice and easy.

I’m the same way. But when you’re at home, now you don’t have that same thing. Your routines changed, you kind of forget, and we want to make sure we make a conscious effort to increase our water intake, get it back to where it should be during this time, because, again, we don’t want our body to suffer.

Water is great for A, not only making sure that you help with digestion, it helps with energy levels, it helps with your immune system. I mean, water’s just great. But the other thing too, is that when you don’t have enough water, that’s when we start getting some other side effects, because you also need the water to help with absorption of vitamins and things like that.

So keep up with your water intake. So a couple of different ways you can do this. One rule of thumb is that you want to try to drink half your body weight in ounces a day. Others, you’ve heard the whole eight, eight ounce glasses a day. I say, go for the over, go for as much as you can, try to drink as many ounces as you can a day.

And if you can try to separate them, you don’t want to sit there for an hour just drinking all your water for the day, but get a way that you can do this throughout the day. Get a water bottle you can carry around with you, something with a top, and then just keep drinking it while you’re on your computer, while you’re checking Facebook, while you’re watching this video of me. Drink your water, because that’s going to make sure that you get everything you need, and it’s just going to be one little step we can do to stay healthy during all this. So again, I’m Doctor DeCubellis. Any questions you can always reach me at (630) 435-6461.