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Here at Downers Grove Chiropractic Spine and Injury Center, we focus on finding the root cause of pain, and working to eliminate it so when your pain goes away, it stays away! We have specialized testing and treatment protocols that allow us to use Chiropractic, Massage, Physical Therapy, and Physiotherapy differently for each patient to achieve the best and quickest results. Our Downers Grove IL chiropractors have helped hundreds of people over the years, and would love to add your success story to the list!

We are focused on helping those suffering from neck pain, back pain, injuries from car accidents, work-related injuries, headaches, hip pain, shoulder pain, knee issues, wrist issues, and ankle issues to name a few.

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Chiropractic Care at Downers Grove Chiropractic Spine and Injury Center

Downers Grove Chiropractic Spine and Injury Center is different in that we offer complete care starting from the initial exam and are known as the experts when it comes to personal injury cases (auto accidents) and workers' compensation cases because of the detail we use, and the results we get.

While we are here to help, we need to see you in the office to make sure we can help specifically help you with your current problem. We also work with multiple other doctors and specialists in the area, so even if we find we can not help your case, we can get you to the person who can! The first step is to schedule your first appointment with us, and we can start helping you get the results you want!

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Common Misconceptions

There are two major misconceptions people have about Chiropractic. First, what we do at Downers Grove Chiropractic Spine and Injury Center is extremely safe and non-invasive, and this is emphasized by the detail we put into the initial exam and use of x-rays in the office. We make sure treatment is safe before we do anything. Second, misconception, is that all Chiropractors are the same. Dr. DeCubellis makes sure the focus is the problem, not the symptom, and the first step is making sure we have a proper diagnosis. This allows us to know exactly how long treat will be and what to do, instead of using a "lets see how it goes" approach.

About Us

About our Clinic

Dr. DeCubellis, owner and founder of Downers Grove Chiropractic Spine and Injury Center, decided to open in Downers Grove IL as it has the perfect blend of community, family and it has easy access the the best in Chicagoland. Downers Grove IL is a great place to raise a family.

We are conveniently located in Downtown Downers Grove IL right in front of the parking garage on Main St, above the restaurant Ballydoyle. We are within walking distance to Main Street Station as well, and an elevator is in our entrance by the garage.



"Dr DeCubellis is great! The staff are nice and helpful, even when I have a complaint. They have been working on my low back pain and I have been very happy with the results. Can’t recommend them enough!"
- Sam

"Always friendly and will do their best to get you in ASAP. I called when I first had my car accident and I had an appointment the same day. I am already feeling better and its been a week."
- Tammy