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Communication Is Vital

All around when we pull this together, it all comes really down to communication. Communication as to what’s going on because it would probably be very important for you to know that the patient hasn’t been showing up for the treatment for three weeks. You would probably like to know that. And then, the doctor…

Hiring A Patient Injury Attorney

When a patient, let’s say they’re getting into an accident and they’re looking at an attorney, what are some of the things you would tell them about  hiring a personal injury attorney is different than hiring like a tax attorney? Sure, the biggest difference is that I am not the kind of lawyer who gets…

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Provide The Best Care

Whenever we’re dealing with these types of cases, I think it’s very imperative to, especially with coming from the doctor perspective and coming from the attorney’s perspective, is we want to make sure that we’re utilizing the right expert at the right time. A lot of times it’s not a case that I can handle…

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An Initial Exam Is Vital

Another key part is when it comes to preexisting, a lot of doctors are afraid to talk about preexisting, which doesn’t make any sense. It’s okay that they had an issue before. We just have to compare and contrast the issue to how it has changed, how it’s gotten more severe and what the difference…

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Dealing With Pre-Existing Cases

I think that this is another area where not only doctors, but patients themselves don’t really understand the differences when it comes to that pre-existing. So they think, Hey, you know what? I had back pain already. Now it’s worse from the accident, but I’m not going to worry about this. I’m not getting an…

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Come See Me

Let’s assume you’re in an auto accident. You’re rear-ended. You’re not at fault at all. You suffer some injuries. And hopefully, you’re going to go see Doctor DeCubellis and have him help get you fixed up.