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Ligament Instability testing in Downers Grove IL, is extremely important, especially in injury-related cases. They allow us to not only see the extent of soft tissue injuries are, but also if permanent damage has been done. This is done by assessing any potential Ligament damage that may be present.

Ligament injuries in Downers Grove IL

There are Three types of ligament injuries:

  • Type 1 – These will heal on their own over time and do not need treatment.
  • Type II – These are tearing of the ligament fibers that result in permanent damage. Proper treatment is needed to minimize long-term issues and to slow the process of deterioration.
  • Type III – This is a complete tear of the ligament and requires surgery in most cases.
Chiropractic Downers Grove IL Cervical Ext Flex

How we see them

We have specialized Digital X-rays and a Proprietary Software program that allows us to get exact measurements of potential ligament instability. It also helps design a specific treatment plan based on the abnormal movement caused by these issues. Dr DeCubellis has been trained through a Medical School and obtained credentials that allow him to not only use this software but also diagnose based on the findings.

Below are X-Rays of a Lumbar Extension and a Lumbar Flex

Chiropractic Downers Grove IL Lumbar Ext Flex


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Why this is Important

Most people don’t know they have ligament injuries but have the symptoms. This includes whiplash injuries, Auto Crashes, Chronic Pain, and slip and falls. Most go undiagnosed simply because the Doctors treating them do not understand ligament injuries nor how to check for them.

We specialize in these type of issues, and have the tools to diagnose and treat these while obtaining the best possible outcomes.

Study the photos below to see sample data:

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