A Medical Doctor Must Refer You To A Chiropractor?

I get this question a lot, which is kind of interesting — but patients ask if they need a referral to see me.

The answer is no. I’m a doctor.

I don’t need a referral to do any kind of treatment, to do any kind of diagnosis, to take any kind of X-rays.

We do all that in our office. We don’t need a referral.

However, I can refer you to another specialist if we can’t help you in our office.

You don’t need a referral to come in.

A lot of patients come in, even if it’s not something they think that we can help with because they know that we have a great network of specialists and other doctors that we work with.

We also have the ability to get you in a lot quicker than if you just call them off the street because, sometimes, these orthopedic surgeons and neurologists, they can have a two-week to two-month waitlist.

The doctors I work with are able to get you in within the next four to five days.

No, we don’t need a referral — but if you need a referral, we can definitely help out with that.