Coaching Kids Is Rewarding For Everyone

I Coach My Daughters Softball Team In The Fall

It’s really fun.

They’re on the same team as me.

We get to bond, I can teach them a little bit.

I’m not the best at softball, but I can teach them a little bit.

And it’s really fun being able to watch all of the kids get better as the season goes on.

I always wish there was double the amount of time because, just the growth from game one to game eight or 10 or however many of the games there are, is always so huge, and it’s the kids that you thought were good at one position ended up being better at a different position, but you never knew that because they didn’t know.

I have a softball signed by all the kids in my office and it’s going to stay in my office because this is one of those things that I’ll remember too.

Not only did I get to help them out, but they got to experience softball in a little bit different way because I coach a little bit differently than everyone else.

So If you get a chance, go ahead, coach your kids.

If you don’t get a chance, if you don’t have any kids, you can coach elsewhere.

It is rewarding.