Get That Stress Out

When I was driving to work today, I was in the right lane heading down and minding my own business.

All of a sudden, this car from the other lane just cut right in front of me.

It almost caused me to have an accident.

So I got really angry and mad.

I’m yelling some words, honking my horn. .

Then they just turned away and I kept going.

But the whole time I’m just thinking about this and it’s just bothering me, making me angry, and making me angrier and my temperature’s going up.

All these different things are happening and I’m just so angry.

Then I realized that what am I doing about this? I’m very angry, but what am I actually being able to do about this to get this anger out?

What I believe is that we need to be able to have some way of getting out these different things, these different feelings of special anger and stress that we have because it’s putting our body in the fight or flight mode.

If we don’t have a way of resetting those hormones, releasing that imbalance, and getting that out, we internalize it.

And that creates more damage and more issues because we’re internalizing all of that.

I’m Doctor DeCubellis and I’m a chiropractor in Downers Grove, Illinois.

I believe that we need to have some way of getting out all of this internalized stress and get out of that fight or flight mode.