Have You Ever Made These Mistakes With Your Back Pain?

I want to take this time to talk about some things that I see people doing, and you absolutely cannot do.

These are the huge mistakes people make when they have back pain or sciatica, and they make themselves worse.

The first thing that people do that’s a huge mistake, a huge no-no, is your pain just starts that day, and you start trying to do stretching, or you start trying to go work out.

That is the absolute worst thing you could do because when you have that pain there, it’s your body telling you that something’s not right.

If you then try to stretch into that, you’re not only going to potentially damage and irritate the issue, but you could cause further harm or a new issue on top of the one you’re dealing with. You have to make sure it’s safe first.

You don’t want to just jump in and start doing something when you’re already in pain and the second thing that people do that is the absolute worst thing you can do is they try to ignore it.

When you ignore something, it doesn’t go away. It’s still there. It just means that it’s going to linger and linger, and then it’s going to grow and grow and grow.

When you start ignoring something, when it’s little, that means it has to get to a higher threshold or get worse before you listen to it.

Don’t do those things. Don’t ignore it, but don’t try to just power through it and work out and stretch because you’re going to make it worse. Make sure you do something about it.

If nothing else, be smart, take your time and don’t jump into doing something, do an exercise or a stretch that could potentially make it worse.