Movement dictates whether you’re going to be in pain or not in pain.

Most of the time when we have pain after an injury, it’s when we’re doing a specific activity.

It’s not when we’re laying in bed, not moving; sometimes that could happen, too, but it’s usually when you do something specific whether it’s bending over, caring for your kids, driving to work, or just changing position.

We need to know what specific movement is going on that’s causing the issues, then we can actually get to the cause of the problem.

It’s not the movement that’s the problem; you should be able to do that movement without pain, but the problem is something that’s happening when you are using that specific movement pattern, whether it be in the muscle, the tendon, the ligament, the nerve, or the joint,

There is a problem somewhere, and I can tell you right now — it’s usually a combination of most of those.

The problem isn’t just that you have a muscle issue, especially if it’s been here for more than two weeks; the problem is that it’s most likely in either the joint or the nerve or also the tendon.

When you try to move, we don’t have proper functionality of that joint or the tendon, which is putting pressure over certain muscle groups to work harder.

All this is compressing the nerve fibers, which is sending signals to your brain to not only elicit pain, but it’s also sending signals to your brain to try to change or alter that movement to stay away from those patterns, so we can’t have that happening.

We’ve got to get you to heal to where you can move the right way, because these are the precursors that will lead to permanent issues, whether that be arthritis, degeneration, or needing a shoulder replacement, or fusions, or a lifetime of medication and that’s what we don’t want.

We want you to heal the right way, and we want to make sure that we do the thing to get you to heal the right way based on you specifically — not only the injury itself, but what you do in life and what you want to do without pain, because that’s the goal.

We don’t want to be crossing things off our list that we can’t do anymore because of pain.

Don’t let pain dictate your life. Let’s get your life back by practicing working on the actual issue (the actual injury), and getting you to do what you need to do.