Storytelling Is Key In Personal Injury

I think from my perspective, so much of my job truly is storytelling.

It’s telling the story of how you got hurt and then how you hopefully got better.

‘Back sprain’ doesn’t tell me anything.

When you dive into the specifics and you really get into what actually is mechanically wrong here, what’s really going on in the body that is causing this pain and causing these issues, then we start to be able to actually tell a story to an insurance company, or a judge, or a jury, in a way that really explains this.

I’ve rolled my ankle and sprained my ankle. I’ve also torn ligaments in my ankle, and both are technically a kind of a sprain, but one’s very different than the other.

If I had a doctor who wasn’t diagnosing me as anything but sprain or strain, I might not have ever had my ankle fixed the way I needed to so that I could run or play basketball or do whatever I needed to do again.

It’s just really, really important you dive down to specifics.