Things Don’t Happen All Of A Sudden

One thing I hear a lot in this office is, “I don’t know what happened, doc, it just came on all of a sudden.”

“All of a sudden, I got this pain.”

“I threw my back out.”

Things don’t happen all of a sudden.

Sometimes we have major injuries that happen relatively suddenly, sure.

When things seem innocuous and all of a sudden you have pain, though, I can tell something that was building up for a while. Most of the nerve endings in that area don’t elicit pain unless we get to a certain threshold that’s going to stop you from doing certain movements and functionality.

With that, it means that if you’ve gotten to the threshold and you’ve gotten to that area where we’re feeling a lot of pain, you probably have an issue going on.

It’s always good to kind of backtrack, so we can figure out, not only where this thing developed, but how and what is involved. Then, we can make sure we can get it corrected the right way.

That way, you don’t wake up again all of a sudden and say, “Oh, wow, what’s going on with my back or my neck?” That’s the goal here.