Treatment Proof

Do you need proof that your treatment is actually working, that the adjustments and the treatment that you’re getting are actually making a difference?

I believe that we should have proof, and that’s why in our office, we always measure the differences of when you first came in to where you end — especially through X-rays.

X-rays are the best way to show us not only what the problem is, but also that the problem’s resolved; they show not just that you’re feeling better for today, but when you’re feeling better, it’s going to last.

For example, I took an x-ray of a patient at the beginning of her care. Her neck was very, very straight.

Not only was she having problems with some neck pain and headaches, but she was having also issues with turning, and her range of motion wasn’t there.

When she was working on a computer, it was causing lots of problems, so by the end of the day, she was experiencing tons of pain.

We structurally can see why, because we had issues to where the joints weren’t moving the right way, putting pressure on the nerve fibers, which were stimulating that inflammation, and we just had this cycle going on and on.

After treatment, we found a much bigger curve in the spine; not only did our symptoms go away and stay away, but structurally, when we looked at that, we fixed the underlying issue.