What Is A Digital Motion X-ray Machine (DMX)?

I want to take a minute to show you one of the things that makes us unique in what we do. It differentiates our care from others, and it helps us help you.

It’s actually this machine right here — it’s pretty cool, and it’s called a digital motion X-ray machine (DMX).

What Is A Digital Motion X-Ray Machine (DMX)?

The digital motion x-ray machine allows us to not only reveal deeper information and see more detail about what’s going on in the body, but we can actually take images and X-rays of you moving in certain positions with the machine.

Now, why might taking those images be important?

Why Use A Digital Motion X-Ray Machine?

Machines like this are the only way that we’re able to see if there are ligament instability and ligament damage problems. It’s only through imaging with machines like this that we can identify certain issues, so that’s what we focus on here.

We want to find out exactly what the problem is so we can get that corrected.

These machines help us pinpoint what the problem is and determine the best solution.

We’re not here to be fixing the same issue over and over and over again, because that’s not efficient and it doesn’t work. We want to get it corrected one time.

That’s why we specialize in finding exactly what the issue is, and why we are the premier chronic injury doctors in the area — we focus on you, your personalized treatment and the solution.