Why Do We Have Pain?

I Want To Go Over Something That Doctors Will Not Tell You Most Of The Time

When it comes to pain, they don’t explain why you have the pain or what’s going on.

So I want to take a minute to kind of explain why we have pain.

So pain is your body’s way of telling you that something is not functioning the right way.

And because of that, we’re causing pressure or increased irritation of nerve fibers in that area.

So, what that means is that where you have the pain is where the most amount of pressure or abnormality or abnormal movement is happening.

I did not say that’s where the biggest injury is.

You could have an injury that causes you to move differently which could cause you to develop pain in other areas.

So you might feel more pain in one area, but the issue might be somewhere else entirely.

If you walk into the doctor’s office and you say, I have low back pain there, they’re looking only at the low back.

That’s completely different than what we do here because we understand that the whole body functions, it moves together.

Your biomechanics are of the utmost importance to making sure you heal the right way. So we have to look at everything.

And this is why a lot of times, and this is a good thing, a lot of times when we start working on patients, they’ll notice that the pain starts to move around.

This means we’re having an effect or changing the movement patterns to get them back to where they should be.