Why Hasn’t The Pain Gone Away?

“Why Am I Still In Pain Even After Going To PT Multiple Times?”

That’s a great question.

Unfortunately, the reason that you still have pain is usually due to all starting from a bad diagnosis.

Most of the time, what people do is they have an injury and they go to their primary care doctor.

Their primary care doctor is not equipped to handle musculoskeletal issues, but what they do then refer you to a physical therapist.

The physical therapist gets a diagnosis of back pain.

It doesn’t mean anything.

We want to know what’s causing the back pain.

It doesn’t tell you anything.

The only thing they can do is have you do some back exercises.

They hope that by doing back exercises, they strengthen you up enough to where you can compensate for the pain.

You feel a little bit better, and then you go on your way.

You just got strong enough to deal with it, but after a couple of months, your body breaks down to where now it’s so bad, you can’t compensate anymore.

You feel better for a while, or you’re in physical therapy, and you feel like you hit a plateau because they’re having to treat you for a very general thing, which is not what you had.

They’ve got to go by the diagnosis the MD sent you.

What’s different about what we do here is I don’t have to go by anyone’s diagnosis.

I’m a doctor.

This way, we not only get the most accurate diagnosis, but we can make sure things get treated the right way the first time.