Chiropractic Care Is Expensive?

One common myth that I hear people talk about is that chiropractic care is expensive.

It’s kind of interesting when we think about that saying that chiropractic care is expensive because what people are talking about when they talk about chiropractic care being expensive is they’re comparing it to zero.

Anything is expensive compared to zero.

When we start comparing chiropractic care and the cost of care to other types of treatments, when we talk about the comparison of chiropractic care and let’s say physical therapy, they’re pretty much equal.

You know where chiropractic care comes in is when you start comparing it to not only pain medications but visits to the pain doctor, injections, when you go to the surgeons, MRIs when you have to actually
have surgery, whether it be a fusion.

Chiropractic is extremely inexpensive in comparison to these things. The goal is that we want to get it to where you don’t even need those.

Chiropractic care is not very expensive at all, especially when you start comparing apples to apples and look at what’s going on.

Plus, it’s something that can get results a lot quicker. We don’t have to have rehab after having surgery.

When we start adding up all the cost of that when you compare a chiropractic visit to an MRI, you’re going to be very different in the amounts of pricing, and chiropractic care is not as expensive as you think.