Chiropractors Aren’t For Everyone, Only People In Pain?

One thing I wanted to talk about today is the notion that chiropractic is only for those people that are in pain.

A lot of times people come in when they’re in pain because they want to be out of pain.

That makes a lot of sense, so we treat people who are in pain, and that’s the most common type of people we see in the office, especially as new patients.

However, once people are done with their treatment and the treatment plan is done, and they’re feeling really good, then we can take on a different approach, and we can help them maintain that by not only giving them things to be working on at home but making sure if anything comes up, we now treat it and fix it in one visit.

We have complementary roles, and the way we do this is very different.

We work with people who are in pain, but we also work with people who’ve gotten out of pain and want to stay out of pain.

This helps them not only with their performance when they’re working out, but it also helps decrease their stress levels, helps take away those issues from bad posture at work, bad desk position, bad office chair.

This way we can make sure that it doesn’t develop into something worse later on.

It’s always much better to come in once here and there, get it corrected, instead of having to see you multiple times over multiple weeks because the issue got so bad over a long period that now we have to retrain muscle memory, biomechanics movement patterns and gets you out of pain and stop the inflammation.