Decreases Inflammation, A Big Cause of Pains

We’ve all heard about inflammation.

Inflammation is bad.

We want to decrease inflammation.

We want to get rid of inflammation.

But why is inflammation there?

Well, the inflammation is formed in our body, either after an accident, injury or trauma, whether it be minor or major.

So when we have something like an area of our body that’s not moving or functioning properly, we’re creating micro traumas or mini-issues that create more and more inflammation in our body.

This is especially important when it talks about our spine and when we lose mobility of those spinal segments, we would create more inflammation in our body, which makes us more prone to bigger issues in the future.

And it also causes pain.

So we’ve got to get rid of inflammation.

But to be able to get rid of inflammation, we have to make sure that we heal the right way, and that’s what we want to try to do.

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