What Is A Chiropractic Adjustment & Why Is It Powerful?

What is an adjustment and why is it so powerful?

These are great questions I get asked almost on a daily basis.

Now, the reason that the chiropractic adjustments are so powerful is because what they do is they take care of issues to where we have lost normal functionality and motion of the actual vertebral column.

This is important because the vertebral column is what surrounds and support your spinal cord.

When we have issues there, not only does it cause pain, but it can also cause problems with functionality of anywhere where that nervous system or those nerves go to actually function.

So whether that be internally or whether that be externally, like our extremities, we’re going to have issues.

By resolving these and getting proper functionality back, not only can you feel better, not only can you move better, but we also take care of this inflammation that’s forming inside and get you to be the best you possibly can.