Do You Need An Attorney For Your Injury Claim?

Can’t I Just Talk To Insurance Myself?

Many people wonder if they can negotiate with the insurance company themselves.

You certainly can, but I wouldn’t recommend it in the same way I wouldn’t have a brain surgeon to perform heart surgery on me.

Think about it this way – think about how many attorneys that the insurance company has. Don’t you think you should have at least one?

You certainly can try to negotiate with the insurance company, but while they’ve spent billions of dollars to convince you that they’re your friend and they’re on your side and they’re working for you, they’re not.

They’re interested in paying you as little as possible as quickly as possible so that they can mitigate their risk and so they can get rid of your case.

So If I Shouldn’t Talk To Insurance, What Should I Do?

Your best interest is to speak to an expert who negotiates every single day professionally — which is what a personal injury lawyer really does.

You see a lot of TV lawyering, like the fun stuff right in front of a jury or in court. I love that stuff, don’t get me wrong, but the majority of my time is spent professionally negotiating with insurance companies to get them to do the right thing.

A lot of it, too, changes if you’re dealing with your own insurance versus you’re dealing with someone else’s insurance. If you’re going through insurance of the person who hit you, they have no reason to be nice and to help you out because you’re not even the one paying the premiums. You create no risk for them at all, because you could go file your own lawsuit on your own behalf.

A law professor of mine always said that a person who represents themselves has a fool for a client. Don’t try to to represent yourself in court.

The insurance company knows who the serious lawyers are, who do the serious work, and those lawyers will help you get back on your feet, get connected to whoever you need to get connected to, and get your life moving forward without you having to worry about negotiating with an insurance company that’s really not on your side at all.

The whole time, you should be worried about getting yourself better, and you shouldn’t be having to to take calls from insurance company because they’re recording everything looking for a slip-up — so it’s not advised.

Anything you say to an insurance company can, and will be, used against you.