Can I Use My Own Auto Insurance For My Claim?

Can I use my own auto insurance for my doctor’s bills?

The answer is, yes, but it kind of depends on if you’re going to have coverage. You can use it but it doesn’t mean it’s definitely going to cover anything. It depends on what kind of policy you have. For example, if there is MedPay, we have to consider how much MedPay there is.

There’s a lot of things to keep in mind, so just saying, “I’m going to go through my own insurance,” doesn’t necessarily mean all your bills are going to be covered.

You need to know exactly what your insurance does cover, and it might not be at a 100%. This is definitely your area of expertise, the only thing I’ll say is I see a lot of clients who immediately expect that the at fault driver’s insurance is going to pay for their bills.

That’s not how it works — ever. The at-fault driver’s insurance is never going to pay for your bills.

What they’re going to do is basically cut you a check at the end in the form of a settlement for the total amount of your bills, plus money for pain and suffering, and loss of normal life.

They’re not going to pay bills as you go. Again, they’re not interested in helping you.

I think it’s imperative to work with your doctor to figure out where and how where bills can get paid and by whom.

The doctors and the doctors’ offices are really going to be the expert in determining if the MedPay helps here or not, and if not, then they can determine what’s the best way to get paid.

If it’s something you pay for as part of your premium, it makes sense to use it, because the goal, when it comes to any kind of accident injury claim, is that the person who is not at fault shouldn’t have to pay the bills.

It should be either their insurance, the insurance of the person who hit them, the attorney who goes through and gets a settlement, or we go to court and get it covered that way. It shouldn’t be that people are having to pay out of pocket the whole time.