Doctor Communication is Very Important

Always Talk To Your Attorneys and Doctors!

I was talking with an attorney over the weekend.

We were just talking about some of the horror stories they deal with when it comes to personal injury.

One of the worst cases they encountered was where the person legitimately had some serious injuries and they ended up getting a fusion surgery and a discectomy at a different level as well.

They had all those injuries, but the problem was that the doctors treating them did not communicate very well, and the notes weren’t transferred.

Even though the person had this actual injury, which was diagnosed and needed to be operated on, they had all these other treating doctors who were saying something different.

While an attorney can overcome that it’s not easy.

The whole process would’ve been a lot easier had the doctors communicated.

They don’t even follow up with their patients, so why would they want to work with that doctor in the future?

So you got to remember keeping up and keeping in with your attorney network is super important because the attorneys, not only will look at that but keeping up with your doctor network is important.

The attorneys look at that, but they can pick and choose who they want to work with.

And if they know that you don’t have others you communicate with, you’re not going to be very high on their list.