My Mission Statement

I’m Trying To Get As Many People As Possible Out Of Pain

Pain shouldn’t rule people’s lives.

So the goal is that if we can get you to not only be able to play with your kids again, go out and play golf, visit with the grandkids, be able to sit and work without pain or do whatever it is that you like when you’re off work, that’s what we want to be able to do because your life should not be dictated by the pain that you feel.

Pain should not be permanent.

Pain shouldn’t be the main driver of when you wake up in the morning saying what you can and can’t do that day.

We want to get you back to moving and being able to do those things and not even have to worry about the pain.

So that’s what my goal is, is to get you to be able to move and function without having to worry about those symptoms being there or coming back.