Injury Case Review

It’s Important To Ensure That You Don’t Have A Gap In Care

My attorney friend brought me some cases where people had a gap in treatment and asked me to weigh in.

When you don’t follow a treatment plan it tells everyone including your insurance that you didn’t need it, however, there are a few caveats to that.

One patient had been in a car accident and while he was going to physical therapy he ended up having a condition with his pacemaker that required surgery.

That pause was because of the surgery not because he didn’t need it anymore.

Another person stopped getting treatment for 6 months, then started again.

They had moved then had a death in the family.

While these are legitimate excuses it doesn’t mean the amount of time is legitimate.

You can’t skip treatment for that long so that was going to be a more difficult case.

This last person had small symptoms that would slowly get worse and worse.

After 4 weeks they needed a second opinion.

The issue with the hearing is that all the notes weren’t there and it may have been an open and shut case without them.

With my help, they could get more than just a $2,000 settlement.

So make sure if you have a gap in your treatment, it’s for a good reason!