Chiropractors Only Know About The Spine?

A Lot Of People Ask If Chiropractors Focus Only On The Spine

I get that, and I understand where that comes from.

Now, with that though, there’s a little bit of misunderstanding because chiropractors mainly focus on the spine, and the spine is very important, but based on where the chiropractor specialized after that, we can potentially work on other areas as well.

So personally, for me, I focus mainly on accident injury-related traumas, chronic issues that can lead to arthritis, degeneration, those types of things.

So with that, we work not only a lot on the spine and the surrounding musculature as well, but also other joints like the neck, other joints like the shoulder, which is by the neck, elbows, knees, hips, those all are going to be involved, especially when we have spinal issues in different areas.

So I look at those as well because if you have a knee issue, your low back and your hip are going to have to be involved.

If you have an ankle issue, it’s going to cause problems with the way that you move, so we want to know not only how to diagnose that but how to treat it as well because everything’s interconnected.

So if we don’t get to the bottom of that, we’re just going to be treating the symptom, but the problem is going to keep coming back.