Let’s Talk About Treatment

So let’s talk about treatment. Anytime you goto a place you’re going to hear the doctor is going to give you what he not only found and what the diagnosis is, but they’re also going to go over what they would do treatment wise.

Now treatments are very, very important, but you have to ask yourself this when they’re talking about this.

A what are they doing?

Why are they doing it?

And what is the end goal with this treatment?

Those are the three questions you need to have answered by whatever doctor therapist is working on you.

And if they can’t give you the explanation on those three questions, then you need to question the treatment.

Because in our office, the way that we do it is we not only start with the diagnosis, but we tell you what therapies we want to do, why we want to do them and how they pertain specifically to the diagnosis that you have your limitations, and then how it pertains to what outcomes we’re looking for and the results we expect to get with those therapies and those treatments.

And that’s how it should be.

So you want to ask those three questions when it comes to treatments.

Why are we doing it?

What should I expect?

And how does this pertain to my specific diagnosis?