Let Me Introduce Myself

I Know A Lot Of You May Not Know Me Or Have Not Met Me Yet

So I wanted to take a little bit of time to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about me personally.

My name is Doctor DeCubellis.

I’ve been practicing in Downers Grove for over ten years, and what made me want to be a chiropractor is that while I wanted to help people and help people get better and get out of pain, I wanted to try to do it without using medications and using injections.

So what I like about chiropractic, and especially the way that I practice chiropractic is that not only do we take a hands-on approach to be able to get you better, but we also can see the improvement as we’re going along.

And that’s what’s just so fantastic.

I love when a patient comes in, and unfortunately, they’re in a lot of pain, or they’re not able to move, and then as we start treating them, we can see that they’re walking in better, faster, straighter, they’re smiling, they’re not having as much pain.