No Energy & Pain?

Bad Mood = Low Energy = Fast Aging

You know what people hate just as much as being in pain? Not having energy.

It feels like being in a bad mood all the time, and when that happens, you usually start feeling the effects of aging faster than you should.

The thing is, they’re all linked together.

When you’re in more pain, the aging process will speed up, and it’s going to decrease your mood and sap your energy levels. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense that we need to work on all of them at once and not just one and then the other — then the other.

How We Help Pain

Our goal is always to get you out of pain. The way we want to do that is restore proper functionality — not only to the spine, but also to the surrounding nerves and the nervous system as well.

If we get everything moving the right way, there is no reason for us to have pain.

The next thing that we need to do, though, is we have to make sure we have proper functionality.

After we get you moving the right way, we have to make sure you stay moving the right way, because when you overuse muscle, muscle groups and muscle fibers, you’re burning energy quicker, which is why you deplete your energy so quickly. We’re also putting increased stress on the joints, which is why we have that aging process or osteoarthritis that starts to set in earlier, and we have the degenerative changes that happen.

It is not normal to have degeneration or arthritis as you age. It comes from improper biomechanics or movement patterns or abnormal stress and inflammation in the system.

We work to get rid of that — that way we don’t have patients that need to be in a wheelchair or have to go get hip replacement surgery because they had this wearing down effect over a long period of time.