Chiropractic Adjustment

Some people have very, very interesting theories on what a chiropractic adjustment is, so I want to go ahead and explain what an adjustment actually is.

We usually use an instrument or our hands, and we apply very light force to the area that we need to in order to get the proper function and movement of that joint, but also to take pressure off the spine and the nervous system.

This facilitates proper communication from your body to your brain. We need to have that proper communication in order to have you function properly, because when you don’t function properly, that’s when you start experiening symptoms.

When we put pressure over that nervous system or the spinal nerves in that area, we cause what’s called nociception, and we start getting things like headaches, neck pain, back pain.

We start changing movement patterns and biomechanics, so you start have problems when you’re running, when you’re exercising or even getting in and out of bed or changing that position.

We want to make sure we take care of that — that way, not only can we get rid of the symptoms, but we can make sure they don’t come back and we don’t get to those chronic issues.

The adjustment is very, very specific and lightly done in order to get you at your optimal performance.