The Attorneys You See On TV

The Attorneys That Advertise On TV

We’ve all seen them, right?

A lot of times they’re advertising for those who have mesothelioma or who was a nursing home victim or who were in a car accident.

They’re doing all these different things, right?

This does not mean, and I want to make sure I emphasize this a lot, this does not mean that these are the best attorneys in the area.

A lot of times, it means the direct opposite.

You have to make sure you do your research on an attorney before you hire them.

Don’t just go by the commercial.

Don’t just go by what they look like.

They’re going to be representing your best interests.

So make sure you interview them.

I can tell you right now, some of those people who are advertising are terrible.

They have a network, and when you call their number, they just farm you out to someone else who signed a contract with them.

You’re getting someone who hasn’t practiced as much as them, doesn’t have the courtroom experience but signed a contract to be associated with them in that commercial.

So that’s why you have to be very, very, well mindful of who you hire, but that’s why you want to interview them.

Find out exactly who your attorney is going to be.

Find out how long they’d been in practice, how many times they’ve been to court.

Just because you see them on TV does not mean that they’re the best in the area.