The Difference Between Active And Passive Therapy

I Wanted To Go Over A Question That I Get Asked Quite A Bit

I think people don’t understand what the difference is.

So I want to talk about the difference between active and passive therapy.

Very, very different.

They’re done for different reasons, and they’re usually done at different times, too.

Let’s start talking about passive therapy.

So passive therapy is a therapy that you’re on, but you don’t have to do anything.

It might be an electrical muscle stim or a massage.

You’re just laying there, and someone is then doing therapy on you or to you to help the injured area heal.

Passive therapy is usually more at the beginning of treatment when you’re in a lot of pain.

Now, on the other hand, active therapy is going to be exactly the opposite.

It’s going to be ones where you are actively doing something.

So it’s not going to be just you standing there, but it might be you doing stretches or strength training exercises.

There are lots of different active therapies, and they vary in difficulty.

So at first, we might not start out doing strengthening.

We might start doing balance training.

We can do light postural strengthening versus very, very in-depth muscle-building strengthening.

It just depends on where you’re at.

Passive is done to you to help with pain and active is a treatment you actively do to help yourself.