The Orthopedic Surgeon Said There Was Nothing They Could Do

Okay, Here Is A Question I Get Asked Quite A Bit

“Doc, I went and visited my orthopedic surgeon. They told me that there’s nothing that they can do at this point, but, you know, in about six months, a year to come back in, and we’ll talk about surgery.”

It means you aren’t in bad enough condition to need surgery

That’s good news.

So that means we can do something else to work on you.

The other part of what they’re saying is, “I’ll see you in six months or a year, and we’ll reevaluate.”

They mean that they can’t treat you but assume you will have issues they can if you wait 6 months without proper treatment.

Orthopedic surgeons don’t do that kind of treatment.

They only do the surgery.

They didn’t have anyone to refer you to at the time.

So they just said, come back in six months or a year, and they’ll reevaluate.

At that point, if arthritis has gotten worse, then they’ll potentially do surgery.

They know that if you do no treatment or the wrong treatment you will get osteoarthritis.

You will degenerate, you will have more issues.

And then, in the future, you will need surgery.

They don’t have any way of doing anything in between until it gets to the surgery thing.

So it’s not their fault, but that’s what they’re saying when they tell you that.

They’re saying, “Right now, you don’t need me.”

You don’t need surgery today.

That’s what we want to hear.