This Makes Me Angry

I Want To Talk About Something That Gets Under My Skin

I was talking with a patient who is coming in, and what we were discussing is their injury history.

What happened here with this patient is that they went through, had a car accident, went to a doctor, hired an attorney, and then the attorney settled their case.

What they didn’t realize at the time is that the attorney wasn’t very good.

They worked for a firm that all they wanted to do was just settle cases.

And they were what I call a burn and churn attorney’s office, which means that they try to go through as many cases as they can, settle them all as quickly as possible, take their cut, and move on. Burn and churn, burn and churn.

This person had some very severe injuries that they’re dealing with even now, and that’s part of the reason they came in, but the case was settled for so low, probably about 10% of what it should have been valued at because the attorney didn’t want to go to trial.

They should have hired a trial attorney.

The trial attorney would have taken the case, and then they could have gotten the patient what they deserve.

But because they wanted to try to settle this as quickly as possible, now the client is the one who suffers because they didn’t get enough money to cover their future care, and the attorney now has settled the case so there’s nothing we can do to go back and try to get them more.

That way you won’t end up looking back and saying, I wish I would’ve done this.