Why Do We Do Therapy?

Here Are A Few Questions I Get Asked A Lot:

Why do we do therapy? Why do we need to do all these different things? Why can’t we just do a treatment? They come in, they come out, and they get better. The core answer to that is movement and motion.

Movement and motion are paramount to making sure that we get the proper healing, and we end up with the result that we want. If you come in and we only do therapies where you don’t have to move the whole time, your body is not going to start getting back to the normal motion, biomechanics, and movement patterns it had pre-injury, and that is important.

We’ve got to get you moving the right way because we’ve got to retrain your biomechanics, your muscle memory. We also have to rebuild the tissue that’s been injured or damaged because your body is putting immature collagen and scar tissue in there, but we don’t want it to stay that way, because if it does, you can heal only up to a max of 70% as strong and flexible as you were prior. That’s the maximum. That means that you’re going to be at least 30% less than you were prior if we don’t do the right kinds of therapies and treatments at the right time.

It all comes back to motion. This is why we have to work on getting you moving the right way, but we also can’t have you moving the right way in a ton of pain. If we do it that way, we can get not only better results, but we can get longer-lasting results because we have you moving the right way at the right time without reinjuring things when you do it. If you’re doing any kind of therapy and it hurts, you’re doing more bad than good. Motion is the key.