Motion X-Ray In Use

Motion Films Are Really Important

They are the only way that you can see if there’s ligament damage, ligament instability, or ligament injury.

So we do those in our office, especially with people who have been in car accidents, slips, and falls, but also those people who have chronic injuries because ligaments can explain why things never healed.

So I’m going to show you.

First, what we do is we have the person sit.

What we’re going to do is we’re going slowly have them move through flexion and extension.

You have them relax and move back to the center.

Then have them extend and flex their neck.

Now through this, what we’re looking at is we’re looking at each vertebra as they move, and we’re making sure that they move together because if they don’t, it means that the ligament has been injured in that area.

Then the video will help diagnose any problems with the neck vertebrae.

I can go back and look at the video, but we get the results instantly as well.