How Are You Finding Your Attorneys?

How Are You Finding Your Attorneys?

We work with lots of different attorneys and specialists. However, I always like to ask people when they come in if they already have an attorney, how they found that attorney. Most of the time it’s because they were referred to them, and if someone had a great experience with them that’s totally fine.

When we find out that they just found them because of an advertisement they saw on a grocery store cart or a billboard or a TV commercial, I always cringe a little bit if I don’t know that attorney. Just because they were on that advertisement doesn’t mean they were good. It means they’re putting money into it because it means that they know that there’s money to be made. It does not mean that they’re the best in the area.

You always want to make sure you interview the attorney and that they are what you’re looking for because remember they’re representing you. Here’s a perfect example. There is an attorney in the area. I’m not going to say exactly who or what area, but he’s close by, and he advertises, especially for personal injury. He has never taken a case. What he does is when people come in and call him from his different advertisements, he farms them out to other people because, at that point, he gets a percentage of the case value since he referred them out.

It’s almost like a bait and switch. He’s farming them out to different attorneys, but everyone’s calling his ad. It’s a smart move by the attorney, but he’s doing absolutely no work. So if you wanted him, you’re not getting him.

You have to be very cognizant of who you’re hiring and make sure you interview them, make sure you mesh with them. You can find out what doctors they work with. If they don’t have a group of doctors that they work with as a personal injury or a work comp doctor, maybe that’s a red flag, but make sure you interview them because it’s always good to make sure you know who you’re hiring.